Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lady Abdullah Haroon

Lady Abdullah Haroon
Real name Nusrat Khanum, Lady Abdullah Haroon was born in 1886, in Iran. Her parents migrated to India and later settled in Karachi where in 1914 she married Sir Abdullah Haroon. She took keen interest in female education and started a school at her home. She also founded a female organization known as Anjuman-i-Khawateen to improve the social and economic condition of the women of Sindh.

In 1919, she entered the political arena and worked as an ardent supporter of the Khilafat Movement in her province.

In 1938, she was nominated to the Women's Central Subcommittee of the All India Muslim League and was also elected President of the Sindh Provincial Women's Subcommittee. Actually, this organization owes its existence to Lady Haroon, who through her untiring efforts was able to bring the Muslim women under the banner of the Muslim League. She also made commendable contributions during the 1946 elections for the Muslim League.

Lady Haroon was a successful housewife. Her husband once stated that Nusrat had completed his life and that he was the happiest, luckiest and most content man on earth.

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